21 Things Confounded Foreigners Can’t Believe Are Normal To Americans

It’s time to revisit one of our favorite topics: the many things that surprise foreigners the most about the good ole’ US of A. This handy Reddit thread asked people from other places (ew!) as well as well-traveled patriots to share the things that would “shock non-Americans” but wouldn’t cause a “second thought” in the best country in the world.

In a country where Florida News is an established trope, it takes quite an unbelievable story about the homeland to surprise an American. It takes considerably less for a foreigner.

1. Let’s start with a rather positive note about Yankees, from citizen_coping. There will not be many more.

Opening up a conversation with random people out of the blue. Every European I’ve met is surprised how Americans are so quick to tell them everything about themselves… Europeans seem to be much more reserved in conversing with strangers.

Although this comment was perhaps shared by an American, other redditors from around the world were quick to agree. Such as Dirtface1:

Yup visited the US a while back, loved this about them. The Americans are one of the friendliest people I have ever met.

2. Other people had less stellar, saltier reviews of American customs, like this one from EnFlagranteDelicto:

Have a sporting ‘world championship’ without inviting other countries (world series etc, NBA etc.)

3. Differentdog brings up something that’s quite unthinkable.

Throw everything in the dryer every time without thinking about hanging ones clothes to dry.

4. Terpin piles onto the idea that Americans are just crazy friendly. Who knew?

Many Europeans have been weirded out that I smile and laugh a lot, but that’s okay. I CAN SMILE ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE!

5. American happiness is even more impressive considering the truth of this comment.

Election season starting nearly two years in advance.