These 20 Women Muster Up The Courage To Ask Out Their Crush … And Then Share The Responses

Recently, British relationship blogger Oloni encouraged her female readers to take the leap — ask out that guy (or girl) you’ve been crushing on forever. For extra funsies, she wanted them to screenshot the responses and share them with #datechallenge (presumably to encourage others to carpe diem and all of that).

Photo Credit: Twitter

She may not have been prepared for the number of funny and/or downright insulting no responses that came in along the way, but we (as in the internet) thank her and the women who participated.


20. Yeah buddy!

19. This made me laugh so hard.

18. For some reason this is super duper cute.


17. Awwww.

16. Smiley face!

15. My stomach dropped, too!

14. Both?

13. Keeper!

12. Yikes!

11. I’d take that as a nope.