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Everyone Is Sharing The Most Embarrassing Way They’ve Hit On A Childhood Crush And I May Never Stop Cringing

It’s hard to have “game” when you’re a teenager. Your hormones are all over the place, you have zero self-confidence, and your perception of romance is shaky, to say the least. How are you supposed to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of relationships when you’re so ill-equipped and — let’s face it — not cool?

As a result, we’ve all experienced our fair share of uncomfortable attempts at romance (usually in the form of a ballsy AIM message). Fortunately, we can all commiserate together because, hey, we’ve all been there.

Recently, Twitter user Katie Sutherland confessed one of her most embarrassing middle school moments, describing the time she tried to hit on her crush using a Taylor Swift music video.

Admit it: you have also attempted to use a musician’s lyrics as poetry to express your own feelings. It’s okay. You didn’t know any better.

At least it’s never too late to apologize for being irreparably awkward!

Before long, other commenters began sharing stories of their own painfully weird attempts at romance. (And yes, there is a lot of cringe-worthy music involved.)