Woman Texts The Wrong Number That Her Side-Piece Got Her Pregnant And It Doesn’t End Well

When you’re breaking some pretty bad news to someone, texting isn’t the best way to go (at least I believe).
If you’re trying to tell someone that their boyfriend is cheating on them, or that you’re pregnant, maybe a phone call would be best (or, I don’t know, an in-person meeting). Also, you should try and make sure you have the number right so you don’t make the mistake of texting a complete stranger. One woman made the mistake of texting the wrong number a pretty serious statement and it did not go as planned.

She began by letting this “woman” know that her boyfriend got her pregnant–but, the stranger was ready for some funny banter.

Turns out, this guy knows a lot of Samuel’s.

She wasn’t really into his sense of humor.

Also–she still didn’t understand that this probably wasn’t the girl she was looking for. Also, she doesn’t know how to use proper grammar.

And, yes, this guy thinks he’s funny.

And, then it took an even funnier turn.

At least she knew the reference, right?

And, finally, she got the hint.

And–boom, roasted.

Sometimes, people take bad situations and make them better. Way to go, guy.