Woman Can’t Seem To Convince Stranger’s Mom That She’s Got The Wrong Number

It’s hard to pull one over on your parents — because they know your nonsense, and they’re already wise to most of your shenanigans. However, when one Twitter user recently tried to assure a random stranger that she had texted the wrong number, she found that parental suspicion runs WAY deeper than any of us ever imagined.

It all began when a confused mom accidentally texted Twitter user Rashieda thinking that she was her son, Dorian.

Obviously, Rasheida tried to correct the misconception, but Dorian’s sweet mom was NOT having it.

Dorian’s mom wasn’t even convinced when Rashieda sent her a selfie.

Eventually, it took an actual FaceTime phone call to fully convince Dorian’s mother that she had texted the wrong number.

Obviously, this mom is used to her son’s typical bullsh*t.

As soon as Rasheida shared the screenshots from her unusual parental encounter, her story with Dorian’s mom went viral, with over 295,000 likes.

Obviously, Twitter found the whole thing to be delightfully absurd.

Judging by some of the other screenshots, it’s still unclear whether or not Dorian’s mom is truly convinced …

… But, she does seem pleased to have gone viral, and Rasheida has a new BFF for life, so it’s pretty much a happily ever after situation.