Cat Goes Through Journey Of Emotions After Finding Out She’s Pregnant

Discovering that you’re going to be a parent can be a shocking development for any of us — and apparently, that sensation is not exclusive to humans.

Ulla, a foster cat at Dyrenes Venner (translating to “Friends of the Animals in Greenland”) in Nuuk, Greenland, was recently informed by a veterinarian that she was expecting a litter of kittens.

According to Dyrenes Venner board member Tone Frank, the staff at the shelter became curious when they noticed that Ulla was getting a “little chubby.” So, Frank took the cat to the vet, where she received an ultrasound.

Needless to say, the photos from the experience were pretty priceless.

Ulla was obviously confused by the experience …

Posted by Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

… even more so when she realized she was going to be a mom.

Posted by Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai – Dyrenes Venner i Grønland on Sunday, May 20, 2018

If this isn’t the “WTF?!” face of a newly expectant mother, then I don’t know what is.


“It was pretty amazing,” Frank tells TODAY of the experience. “I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.”

Apparently, Ulla had previously been adopted from the shelter last year, but inexplicably turned up again this past April. Fortunately, she’s being adopted by a new family, who are going to care for Ulla while she’s pregnant.

“The number we have on the owners who picked her up last year doesn’t work,” Frank says. “We’ve posted her online and on Facebook; no one seemed to miss her. So she has gotten a new home now, a place that has two dogs and one more cat, and they’re doing great.”

Ulla should be giving birth any day now, as she’s due before the end of the month.

Judging from her face, Ulla’s bound to be a bit shell-shocked by the whole experience — but fortunately, she’ll have lots of help with her little ones.

“The new family agreed to let her have her kittens and when they’re ready to leave, we will be finding new homes for them as well,” says Frank.

So, if you’re interested in venturing to Greenland to adopt some kittens, feel free to check in with Dyrenes Venner!