10+ People Who Took Fat L’s This Week

We all have our days. Some are good. Some are bad. These peoples’ are the worst.

13. The girl who cried after a spray tan:


12. And the girl who turned in her final paper…but forgot to change the title:


11. The guy who accidentally put his own damn self on blast:

10. The girl who was brutally ignored:

9. Trish, who got played by Starbucks:

8. And this girl, whose dog was not having ANY OF IT:

7. This person, who needs some friends:

6. The guy who turned in a cat meme instead of his assignment:

5. Audrey, whose dog could not care less:


4. And this guy, who simply took too long:

3. These parents, who got owned by their own kid:


2. Sandi Mann, who received this name tag in the mail:


1. And this girl, who tried to come for Cardi B’s sister, only to get owned…by Cardi B:

h/t BuzzFeed