This Girl Didn’t Recognize Her Favorite Musician On An Airplane And He Live-Tweeted The Entire Thing

If you really think about it, you can run into a celebrity or someone you admire at any time in your life–especially while traveling. It’s always important to pay attention to your surroundings because you never know who you could run into.

One girl is paying for this hardcore after she was seated next to one of her favorite musicians on a flight but failed to recognize him at all. Dutch artist  Dotan Harpenau was on a plane seated next to a girl who was listening to his music–right next to him–and she didn’t recognize or notice him at all. In fact, the two interacted a bunch, too, but she had no idea. Dotan decided to live-tweet the experience.

A lot of people who also follow Dotan’s Twitter account chimed in with some advice and things he should do. 

She still had absolutely no idea.

He decided to drop a few hints that only a real fan would understand. She even asked him to listen to his own music…

It turns out, Alicia (the girl) does follow Dotan on Twitter and sent him a long-worded apology email after seeing she was “the girl on the plane.”

Come to think of it, I may not really recognize everyone I listen to in-person, seeing as I don’t really watch music videos often and just like to bump their beats. No harm done, Alicia–it happens.