Trump Just Banned The Centers For Disease Control From Using Certain Words

Donald Trump has implemented a lot of rules since becoming President that many Americans do not agree with. Between his choice of staff, his reaction to numerous tragedies, and the way he conducts himself on Twitter, there’s not much to admire when it comes to his administration so far. But, if anything is going to take the cake for absolutely insane, it has to be the recent action Trump has taken against the Center for Disease Control. According to several reports, Trump and his administration have now “banned” the CDC from using the following words in any “official” documents being prepared for the federal budget moving forward.








The fact that he is banning any words from official documents is a direct infringement to Constitutional rights, but, the words that Trump is banning are an eye-opener to where his agenda lies. Clearly, banning “transgender” is absolutely ridiculous and a slap in the face to many in the LGBTQ movement. Banning “fetus” has much to do with the abortion debate that is ongoing between liberals and conservatives. Banning “evidence-based” and “science-based” is basically denying any facts or truth to be included, much like the global warming issue, that conservatives prefer to pretend does not exist. How can we take this man seriously? I know for one I cannot take any administration seriously that bans an organization that is supposed to help us from using words to provide valuable information. Hard pass.

In reality, people may not realize how terrifying this truly is. The CDC and organizations like it are established to provide important information to the government and citizens based on scientific evidence and research. Banning words from their vocabulary hinders their ability to effectively do their job. This could overall harm the American people in the long run, rather than help them. This, my friends, is clearly censorship in its most natural state.

Twitter users have been up in arms over the news and, they have every right to be.