Trump Claims He Is ‘Like, Really Smart’ In New Twitter Rant—And We’re, Like, So Sure

Donald Trump has made a lot of stupid remarks since deciding to run for President (and surprisingly win). I can’t really pin-point which one shocked me the most. Sometimes I think that it can’t get any worse,  but then he puts something new on Twitter that makes me say–oh, it can get worse. I’m not really sure if I even want to use Twitter at all moving forward because I know I’ll be smacked in the face with another ridiculous Trump tweet that will make me question everyone I know and love, and everyone else in the world. On this episode of “Really Stupid Thinks Trump Says In 280 Characters Or Less (While Probably On Drugs),” I give you, the “I’m really smart,” remark. Yes, folks, you read that correctly, Donald Trump thinks he’s wicked smart–but don’t tell Ben Affleck.

Very stable genius?

What drugs are you on and where did you find them? Because someone must have laced this man’s Cocoa Pebbles this morning. There’s no way on God’s green Earth that this man truly believes he is a very stable genius. And, if so, I’d like to motion to have him checked for every neurological disorder under the sun. I am not joking, people. Like Outcast said, I am FOREAL.

What is even better than Trump’s ridiculous comments are the ones people are making in response to this…claim.