Donald Trump Jr. May Have Made His Dad’s Legal Problems Much Worse With One Stupid Tweet

Ah, Donald Trump Jr.! The Fredo Corleone-est in a family full of Fredo Corleones (Fredos Corleone?) is back at it again making things worse for himself and his family because he just can’t help himself.

In another botched and desperate attempt to gain his father’s affection, Donald Trump Jr. hopped on Twitter Wednesday to gin up outrage over Devin Nunes’ bullshit memo.

The memo, slapped together by discredited GOP House Intelligence Committee chairman Nunes and currently being “reviewed” by the White House, alleges the FBI engaged in improper conduct to obtain a FISA warrant for surveillance of former Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page. Trump’s own FBI director Christopher Wray (you know, the guy he appointed after firing James Comey) issued a rare statement yesterday saying, “We have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” Indeed. Now there are reports that even the Trump White House, who Nunes didn’t deny working with to produce this work of fiction, is worried the memo isn’t the slam dunk they thought it was.