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People Share Their Creepiest and Most Unexplainable Paranormal Experiences

Horror is big business. We LIKE to be scared. But what about when the things that go bump in the night are in your own home instead of on the TV screen?

Reddit user eshoves14 asked “What is the creepiest and most unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?” Over 10,000 responses were left. Here are the best, or worst, of them.

Final Farewell

My mom died. A few months after her death, I was at her house that she shared with my grandma – mom lived downstairs and grandma lived upstairs. I was babysitting my baby nephew while my sisters went out somewhere. He was asleep in the crib downstairs, with the light off and the door closed. I was upstairs reading a book while my grandma watched some TV. I heard footsteps and figured my nephew had managed to get out of his crib and was wandering around, so I went downstairs to get him. No, he was still fast asleep in his crib. Okay, I was hearing things, maybe it was the TV, whatever. I went back upstairs to my book. It happened again about half an hour later, but also with the door squeaking. Okay, I definitely heard that, so I went downstairs to get him up. No, still completely passed out (and he isn’t the type of kid to get up and go back to sleep instantly). Shook it off, went back upstairs. Grandma had gotten a phone call and muted the TV because she’s pretty deaf, so I know without a shadow of a doubt that this next part was not the TV. I heard footsteps going down the hallway towards where the baby was sleeping, then a soft coo. I made my way downstairs and he was still asleep, but I just burst into tears because I just felt like my mom was there. In my heart, I knew she was saying goodbye to her only grand baby.


Not a Mouse

When I was a young teenager my father and my step-mother had gotten married. This forced me and my little brother to move into her home and share the same bed room for quite some time. Three weeks before we moved in, my step-mother’s mom had died where I slept for most of my child hood. The spooky part happens one night when I got off of my computer and I was going to bed. I had laid there for maybe 10 minutes when I started hearing scratching at my closet door. I figured it was a mouse and went to sleep. I go to get dressed in the morning and open my closet door to see very very long scratches down the inside of the door. Like deep scratches. It wasn’t in one area it was wavy from the top of the door to the bottom. Both hands. 10 lines. Thats the scariest thing thats ever happened to me.


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  1. My dad used to tell me that my family was protected, and that the birds would always warn us before something bad was going to happen. More than a few times, he’d had a bird fly in front of his motorbike, and he’d slowed down just enough that a dude running a red light a few minutes later didn’t quite hit him, that kind of thing.

    A few years back, I was out of town for business, and just about to start my journey back. I stopped at McDonald’s for a quick breakfast before I began the eight hour drive. I was sitting there with the windows rolled up checking my GPS or whatever, when a little sparrow flew down and landed on the driver’s side wing mirror. It just sat there, for a good four or five minutes, staring at me. Looking at me with one eye then the other, turning its little head back and forth. In retrospect, I swear it was trying to tell me something, but I didn’t listen.

    An hour later, I was hit by a fully-laden eighteen wheeler. I should have listened.

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