Everyone Is Confused By This Designer Shirt That Basically Has Another Shirt Stuck To It

High fashion can be mildly infuriating and confusing.
No matter what you try to tell me, whenever I look at high fashion magazines, I can’t help but scratch my head over some of their “hot couture” that ranges from $1,000-$10,000. Some of those runways look like a hot mess to me–but, people for some reason still spend big bucks to rock big names. I’ll never understand.

Recently, designer company Balenciaga went viral for this “T-Shirt Shirt” that has everyone hella confused. From the back, it looks like a regular t-shirt.

But from the front–well, it’s a hot mess.

It’s basically a button-down shirt sewn onto a t-shirt. Who comes up with this? And, why do they even think this looks good? Who would even wear this?!? Apparently, the company thinks their slick because they say that there are “two different wearing options.” So, you can look foolish by rocking a button down on your t-shirt, or you can look foolish rocking a t-shirt on your button down–the choice is yours.

Twitter feels some type away about this…ridiculousness.

Apparently, this isn’t the only designer company to use this “new style trend.”

But don’t worry, if you’re into this look, our friend Mike has you covered.