Guy Goes Absolutely Nuts On Girl Who Turned Him Down After He Was Super Creepy At A Party

We all know that sometimes, there’s no worse feeling than being rejected by someone we like.
But, we also know that when someone decides they’re not interested in us, the mature thing to do is accept defeat and move on. There are people, however, who cannot take that kind of blow to the ego. Instead, they think the better choice is to attack the person rejecting them and gaslighting them into thinking there’s something wrong with them for rejecting them.

One Reddit user, ux_caelestis, shared the text thread between her and a guy she had spent the night with at a party. He texted her and said that he wanted to see her again after seeing her at the party–really interested in having something for the “long haul.”


In a very brilliantly-worded text, the Reddit user kindly shared the reasons she was not interested in speaking further. According to her, the guy was way too intense the night before. As well, she felt as though he was coming on too strong.

On top of it, the guy apparently came into the bathroom when she was on the toilet (he was drunk) and he didn’t even apologize. She even wished him the best.

But, he was just coming up with excuses–and decided to call her crazy for not wanting to take anything further with him. The girl admitted she didn’t like him busting in on her in the bathroom and–was just trying to be honest.

But, this guy insisted that he’s a “great guy” and wouldn’t believe that she was politely rejecting him.

And, proceeded to call her crazy again. On top of it–he began sharing photos of him with “hot girls,” including his ex-girlfriend.

So–who’s really the crazy one here?