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People That Ivanka Trump Follows On Instagram Are Now Sharing Posts Just For Her

It’s no secret that the Trump family is not on everyone’s list of “favorite humans in America” right now. In fact, they’re more likely to be on everyone’s list of “most hated humans in the world” instead. While Donald Trump slowly but surely runs our country into the gutter, his family gracefully lives their lives off of their father’s paycheck, oblivious to the simple fact: he’s ruining millions of lives. While everyone (including celebrities) tweet at Trump on a daily basis to advocate for their beliefs and rights, some celebrities have decided to move on and try and gain the attention of his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump always seemed, to me, a savvy businesswoman with a strong head on her shoulders. That was also back when she was featured as a judge on The Apprentice before her father ever ran for office. Now, I’m not her biggest fan. Anyone who stands by Donald Trump and his horrifying plans for this country severely worries me. But, with social media, I have regained faith in numerous celebrities who have taken to their apps to gain some attention from Ivanka.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving! ????

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Ivanka Trump may be the daughter of an idiot, but she is just like all of us – she follows dozens of celebrities on social media. Instead of sharing cheesy Thanksgiving posts (like the one seen above), celebrities who Ivanka does follow on Instagram decided to take the opportunity to issue a message to Ivanka on this very special day.