People Are Sharing Some Of The Most Bizarre Ways Their ‘Sims’ Have Died

If you grew up in the age of AIM, MySpace, and Limewire days–chances are you also grew up playing The Sims.
The computer game, which allows users to create their own character(s), build a home, and live out a life as the said person, is a staple of many people’s childhoods. It’s a well-known fact, however, to avid Sims players, that dying is rather easy in the game–especially for the most ridiculous reasons. Take it from someone who always died while cooking (no matter how many cooking books I read).

One Twitter user, @LipsTaco, recently shared the crazy story behind her Sim’s baby daddy’s death and–it’s pretty bizarre.

Basically, her baby daddy died while cooking hotdogs (figures!), and, one of her kids got taken away from her in the game–realistic AF, right? But, don’t worry, there’s more.

After she shared the rather wild story on Twitter, people began sharing the out-there ways their own Sims have died in the game.

There you have it folks–The Sims is really here to prepare us for shocking deaths we may encounter in the real world.