These 17 People Got Caught in the Act By Their Parents

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Confession time: once in high school, I was giving my then boyfriend a handjob underneath the blanket while we were in his room pretending to watch a movie. Then, his mom comes in asking us if we wanted any snacks and if we needed anything. She lingered for a bit for small talk while my hand was on her son’s d*ck.

F*cking cringeworthy, right? To this day, I still don’t know if she knew what was going on under the blanket. I’ve had some pretty close calls but that one was probably the closest. I seriously have lost count how many times I’ve had boyfriends hide in my closet when my parents came home early from work.

But I guess the odd weren’t against me and I was sneaky as f*ck, so I never got caught in the act by my parents. Thank my lucky stars because my parents would have killed me if they’d caught me. Some people aren’t as slick as I was and have had to deal with the awkward AF conversations with their parents after getting caught.

These 17 people unfortunately were caught in the act by their parents:


15, alone in my house with my girlfriend at the time. We were both completely naked and I was going down on her and my dad walked in. I obviously forgot to lock the front door. He then proceeded to make small talk with us for about 2 minutes as if he’d walked in on us watching TV rather than me licking her out. Eventually he said goodbye and shut the door, and I heard him chuckling as he walked off.


Girlfriend’s stepmom caught her fellating me on a couch while watching “basketball wives.”


I was home alone with my boyfriend at the time fooling around- had just had sex. I hadn’t heard my mum come home, but at the same time she walked to my bedroom- I loudly said “you should stick it in my a** now” (said in jest but in my best ‘sexy voice’) I heard a gasp and a “oh my god” and much to my horror realized she was outside my door.


When I was 17, my mom dad and brother left the house for what I had assumed was several hours. My GF at the time and I started making out and pretty soon she was going down on me. My Dad walked in to my room, without knocking and said, “Might want to get dressed, we are home. By the way if mom had caught you she would have cut it off.” I swear to god I heard him whisper “Nice technique” as he was leaving, but he denied it even 20 years later.