Trump Honors Martin Luther King’s Memory By Forgetting To Tweet About Him

Today is the anniversary of the death of the iconic and inspiring civil rights activist Martin Luther King — and, naturally, the president completely forgot to mention the day during his steamed, top-of-the-morning Twitter rant. (Which, I presume, occurs while he is perched on his toilet.)

Trump started the day by attacking border laws, alleging that villainous Democrats wanted immigrants to “pour into our country unchecked.”

Mmkay, that’s nice, but, anything you want to say about MLK today?

Nope. Trump continued by bringing up the trade deficit.

Okay, are you ready to say something about MLK now?

Oh, no. Instead, the man who has gone bankrupt six times doled out this little gem.

Finally, FINALLY, four hours after his initial Twitter rant, someone clearly reminded the president that his only presidential duties on Twitter pretty much consist of being patriotic and honoring national figures. (Not, you know, talking like a Fox News host.)

Trump then sent out a tweet honoring MLK which, impressively, managed to be more about Trump than MLK.

As one person on Twitter pointed out, though, it’s highly unlikely that Trump even wrote this calm, even-keeled tweet himself.