This College Student’s School Assigned Her The Dirtiest Email Address Of All Time

If you’re a college student, you know that your email is many of times a mixture of your first name, last name, and sometimes a weird and random number. We never get a choice in our email address, it just is what it is–probably chosen by an automated computer system.

One student is pretty embarrassed with her assigned email address from her college because, to be honest, it’s downright filthy. Megan Finger is a student at Central Washington University–and, but the looks of her name, we already know this is going to deserve a “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

CWU assigned her the email: “[email protected].”

Can you imagine the uncomfortable emails she’s going to have to send her professors? Ouch, girl. The school should 150% change her email address, or at least offer her a choice in changing it. Twitter felt somewhat bad for her…I mean, I do, too. Some, however, found it hilarious.