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Paris Hilton Sets Record Straight After Driving Away From Airport Without Fiancé

Paris Hilton is in the news for the first time in what seems like years. Frankly, with all of the nonstop political craziness going on, the blonde hotel heiress and her silly little tabloid adventures have been a welcome respite, and they make us nostalgic for the good old days of the mid-2000s when we all actually, truly, deeply cared about Paris Hilton. But while back in the day Hilton’s slightly-smirking face made TMZ and supermarket publications because of an arrest, nightclub incident, or reality show launch, lately she’s in the conversation again because of something objectively good: She’s getting married!

Over New Year’s weekend, Hilton got engaged (which she announced via the sharing of some Instagram posts, because she knows how this game is played) to Chris Zylka, a handsome model and actor best known for the TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You and HBO’s mind-bending, little-watched masterpiece The Leftovers. (You guys, this means Paris Hilton has probably seen The Leftovers, which is just a fun thing to think about.)

Because his fiancée gets followed around by photographers, so too does Zylka get followed around by photographers now. And those paparazzi captured, and might have caused, an embarrassing incident for the couple. On Thursday night, Hilton and Zylka arrived at LAX airport, went to their waiting car, and zoomed away. Okay, well, Hilton did—they drove off too soon, stranding Zylka on the curb.

Well. That’s awkward.