Some Grammy Viewers Were Expecting Patti LaBelle, But Got Patti LuPone—And They Weren’t Pleased

There are a lot of great ladies out there named Patti, or Patty, or Pattie. There’s your mom’s best friend, Patti, for example—she’s a great gal. Patty Hearst was a real newsmaker back in the day. And then there’s Doug standout character Patty Mayonnaise. In the world of music, there are two all-time legends named Patti: Broadway icon Patti LuPone, and R&B stalwart Patti LaBelle. But apparently, there’s only room in some music-lovers’ hearts for one Patti.

The former performed on the Grammys last night, and gave a dynamite performance of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” a song from the musical Evita. LuPone crushed it, which is to be expected, seeing as how she originated the lead role of Eva Peron in the first Broadway production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber show back in 1979.

Just before she took the stage, however, Grammys host James Corden introduced her, and some fans misheard. They thought Patti LaBelle was about to sing…and they got very confused.