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Man Tweets GIF Comparison To President Trump, And It Couldn’t Be More Accurate

After teasing its release for days, like a reality show host would tease which contestant would stay and which would leave would not be revealed until after the commercial break, Donald Trump finally authorized the release of the “Nunes Memo.” Named for House Intel Chair Devin Nunes, it was a bald-faced attention-deflector, an attempt to prove that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s ties to Russian meddling in the 2016 election was a politics-driven political witch hunt designed to take down poor, poor Donald Trump.

The memo was supposed to contain concrete proof that the investigation into Trump started very late and came out of nowhere, thus proving the innocence that he is always desperately, frantically, aggressively, and unbelievably stating he possesses. But there wasn’t much in it at all. At the very least, there’s no “smoking gun.” But of course, Trump acted like there was. (Yeah, he probably didn’t read it.)

Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall tweeted out a GIF that perfectly summarized the events surrounding the memo. It’s a clip of a pro basketball star’s attempt at a three-pointer. He’s very confident that it’s nothing but net.