One Player Keeps Winning The HQ Trivia Grand Prize — And Twitter Is Very Suspicious

HQ, the app-based daily trivia game that allows its winners to split a (steadily increasing) pool of money, has skyrocketed in popularity since its initial foray onto the phone screen. And why not? The idea of being able to potentially win decent sums of money by simply answering some trivia questions on your phone is more tempting than buying a lottery ticket.

However, wherever there’s money to be had, there are scammers.

HQ players have become increasingly suspicious of one perpetual winner, Scott Menke.

Menke has been in the HQ winners pool on multiple occasions — and his profile pic features himself standing with one of the HQ hosts, Scott Rogowsky.

Obviously, people are somewhat skeptical about Scott’s wins and wonder whether he’s being given insider information.

The speculation became so prolific that Menke actually took to Twitter to dispel any theories about his relationship to HQ and Scott Rogowsky. Apparently, the two Scotts both attended Johns Hopkins and happened to meet at a holiday party, where they took a photo together.

Menke also isn’t a novice when it comes to trivia. According to TouchArcade:

As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, reality is usually far more boring. Menke posted an AMA on Reddit getting into some of the details of his life. It turns out he’s been on Jeopardy and also made an appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Additionally, his work history on LinkedIn is filled with positions involving actuarial science and statistics. According to his AMA, the avatar photo came from a holiday party they were both at, additionally, the guy seems to just genuinely be very good at trivia-related things. You don’t get on two game shows if you’re not.

So, it seems that this particular mystery has (most likely) been put to rest.

However, it also seems like Scott Menke should just stop playing HQ because COME ON, SCOTT, LEAVE SOME MONEY FOR THE REST OF US.