Guy Accidentally Starts A Group Chat With All The Girls He’s Talking To And Gets Absolutely Roasted

There’s nothing wrong with playing the field if you’re single. Most people who aren’t in a relationship tend to talk to multiple people at a time, getting to know them and whatnot, until they find someone to settle down with.

It’s wrong, however, to lead people on and pretend you want more than just a casual fling–especially when it’s multiple people at a time. One college student named “Kyle” is learning the hard way that karma is one hell of a b*tch when it comes to this.

Apparently, Kyle tried sending a Snapchat to all of the women he’s talking to right now, but, instead sent the Snap to the women in a group chat. So, basically, he got all these girls into one chat–together, at the same damn time.

Talk about awkward. One of the girls, Elizabeth, took photos of the group chat Kyle created and shared them on Twitter saying:

As it turns out, most of the women claim to be bisexual and interested in both men and women–so, he kind of set them up for their own dates.

Seriously, talk about karma coming to bite Kylie in the a**, and, helping all these girls make new friends/dates.