This Drinking Game Wants You To Get Squirted In The Face By A Plastic Penis

Drinking games are inherently undignified experiences. It’s part of their charm, honestly. You’re guzzling booze, there’s no need to be poised or respectable. The only goal is to get drunk as quickly and efficiently as possible — you might as well look like an idiot while you’re doing it.

However, I think one new drinking game might be taking that attitude a little too far.

JIZZ, a new drinking game which features a plastic, pumpable penis, is here to officially ruin both drinking and games forever.

Apparently, the “game” is fairly simple (shocker) and involves filling the plastic penis with the cocktail concoction of your choice. (You probably won’t want to use straight liquor, since you’ll be wasting a lot of it, but you do you.)