HQ Fans Are Deleting The App After Finding Out Who Funds The Game

ICYMI, HQ has been one of the most viral and popular apps on phones over the last several months. The trivia game, which was created by the same people who introduced Vine to the world, is a live trivia game where millions of people tune in twice a day to try and win some cash. The game started off small, with small prize pools and a pretty tiny audience, but has since exploded to millions of people and huge prize pools.

While I enjoy playing the game myself, I must say that I personally have a love/hate relationship with the HQ host/quiz master Scott Rogowsky.

I believe that he has one of the most punchable faces in the world (you can quote me) and his jokes get cornier and cornier every time I play. But, this article isn’t about my hatred for Scott, and instead, about the discovery of who funds HQ and pays his salary. In fact, after fans found out the facts, they were so angry they deleted the app from their phone.