New Parents Get Some Unexpected Attention From The Press Outside London Hospital

In a turn of events which is particularly surprising to me, a lowly peon who doesn’t really follow royal news and didn’t realize that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting another child, the third royal baby is about to make his or her entrance into the world.

As a result, the press has descended on St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London in order to wait for the Lion King-like reveal of the newest royal.

In the midst of the press’ stakeout, however, one pair of unsuspecting new parents exited the hospital and accidentally found themselves posing for dozens of cameras.

Fortunately, the parents seemed to be in fairly good spirits about the whole thing and certainly didn’t mind being momentarily mistaken for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The press was fairly amused by the unexpected exit and clapped enthusiastically for the happy couple.

The internet, collectively charmed by the sweet and awkward mixup, offered heartfelt congratulations.

Living as a royal actually sounds like an extremely trying and stressful lifestyle — but being treated as a “royal” for a few precious moments before you head home to undertake the harrowing and lifelong challenge of parenting?

Well, that actually sounds fairly delightful.