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Woman Creates Bucket List For Her Ailing Dog — And Now We’re Ugly Crying

Our dogs offer us unwavering loyalty and affection, and it’s only right that we should return the favor by allowing them to live their comparatively short lives to the fullest.

Briana May, a woman in Brisbane, Australia, is currently hoping to help her family’s elderly dog do just that.

May recently posted on the Cool Dog Group Facebook page on behalf of Isaac, the beloved Labrador who is also a guide dog for May’s visually impaired cousin.

“Isaac is the coolest dog I know,” May wrote in her Facebook post. “He helps my cousin navigate her way around everywhere. He is also the best snuggle buddy. I love him.”

Facebook: Cool Dog Group

Unfortunately, Isaac was recently diagnosed with some serious health problems.

“This gorgeous old boy found out he has a cancerous tumour,” May wrote. “He only has weeks left to live so we wrote him a bucket list. Please help Isaac to complete it and send pics of your pooches doing the bucket list items too.”

Facebook: Cool Dog Group

May included a photo of Isaac’s “bucket list,” which featured activities such as watching the Puppy Bowl and having a doggy massage.

Other members of the Facebook group were all too happy to fulfill May’s request, and supplied adorable photos of their dogs celebrating birthdays, eating gourmet meals, and even getting “married.”

Facebook: Cool Dog Group

May was touched by everyone’s participation and support for Isaac.

“Our hearts are so full with all the love from you guys. We are sending all your love to him,” she added. “This list may seem silly for some but Isaac is a retired guide dog so there’s quite a few things on this list that he will be doing for the first time in his life. Of course, he is also getting smothered with cuddles and smooches. Thanks for all the suppawt [sic].”

Guys, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: dogs are too pure for this world and we do NOT deserve them.