This Thread About The Most Ridiculous White Kid Names In A Utah School Yearbook Is Way Too Real

I think we can all agree that some of the more recent baby-naming trends are truly heinous. Brylee, Plaid, Briar … it’s like someone just attended a mountaintop Pinterest wedding and just decided to name their baby after the table decor. These names also inexplicably involve a lot of Y’s.

Bottom line: these trendy names are way too easy to mock.

In a fit of insomnia, Allison Czarnecki recently decided to tweet out some of the more bizarre names in her son’s middle school yearbook.

And let me just say, the results definitely make me concerned about where baby names have gone (i.e., downhill).

And don’t worry — these names are definitely legit.

There was even an encore when Allison attended her son’s high school graduation the next day.

These names are … truly baffling.

And Allison was NOT HERE for anybody’s criticism, either.

Everybody: please calm down with these baby names. Please remember that the rest of us are the ones who have to say them out loud without laughing.