Offset Bought A Car For The Man Who Helped Save His Life — And The Internet Criticized His Car Choice

Earlier this month, Migos rapper Offset (better known to some of you as Cardi B‘s fiancé) totaled his green Dodge Challenger in Atlanta when he swerved to reportedly avoid hitting a pedestrian in the road. Offset claimed that a passerby named Jamar, who was walking to work, saved his life by helping him to get to a hospital, where his hand was bandaged.

As a way of saying “thank you” to his good Samaritan, Offset bought Jamar a Nissan Altima so that he wouldn’t have to walk to work ever again.

“He saved my life when I had that accident,” Offset says in the video. “He was the only one who seen me, helped me get out of the car, helped me walk and get where I needed to get to. So I bought my boy a car because he was walking to work.”

However, some people were less than impressed by Offset’s present, and wonder why the wealthy rapper didn’t spring for a more expensive car.

Of course, people forget that a more expensive car requires more expensive maintenance.

People were literally rolling their eyes over the critics who felt that an Altima was a shabby gift.

Let’s not forget that a person’s net worth is significantly different from the amount of disposable income they have on hand, mmkay?