This Mysterious ‘Monster Fish’ That Washed Up On A Beach Is Already Giving Everybody Nightmares

The ocean is a vast and beautiful place which also contains unspeakable horrors. As someone who has consumed a considerable amount of Blue Planet footage, I say this with certainty. For all of the speculation that we give to extraterrestrial creatures and outer space, it’s entirely possible that the true alien-like creatures we’ve been searching for are residing in the depths of the sea — and one recent beach discovery in Australia has offered up some creepy evidence to support this theory.

According to ABC Sydney, a 5-foot-long and 330 lb fish recently washed up on a Queensland beach, and the creature’s sheer size and monstrous appearance have captured the fascination of the internet.

The couple who discovered the fish carcass say that it’s possible that the fish is simply a large grouper. However, it’s difficult to tell. “It could have been a cod, could have been a groper, and one guy I think might have nailed it when he said it was what they call a tripletail,” husband John Lindholm told ABC Sydney.

Regardless of the fish’s biological identification, Twitter collectively agrees on one thing: that’s some creepy sh*t.

Naturally, in light of the recent Academy Awards, people couldn’t resist making some Shape of Water jokes.

Considering that Atlantic goliath groupers have been known to attack divers, the knowledge that this fish might be a large grouper doesn’t really offer much comfort.

Respect the damn sea, people! It’s basically a vat of monsters which must be avoided and protected at all costs!