Giant Eyebrows That Cover Your Forehead Are The Latest Beauty Trend To Give Me A Headache

I really thought that maybe we were finally past preposterous beauty trends concocted simply to attract attention — but I now realize that was totally naive.

Fashion and beauty blogger Anzhelika Protodyakonova has a rather unusual claim to beauty fame: her unorthodox eyebrow-penciling method, which gives her brows that go all the way up to her hairline.

And if you think I’m exaggerating, I can assure you: I am NOT.

Apparently, the trend actually started out as a bit of a “f**k you” to people who made fun of Anzhelika’s thick brows.

According to Metro UK:

Anzhelina got loads of attention online when someone took a picture of her brows (smaller than they are now) when she was on the bus. At first she was embarrassed, but she decided to reclaim her brows by painting them on even bigger.

Look, I’m not gonna lie: girl looks a little bit like a Juggalo.

That said, I applaud her confidence, which is truly admirable.

While it might seem like these enormous, blocky brows are simply an isolated incident, Instagram definitely says otherwise:

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On the one hand, I truly abhor bizarre beauty fads and all of this is utterly absurd.

On the other hand, I’m sure that covering your forehead with this much makeup at least offers some semblance of sun protection. So, hooray for semi-practicality?

Just kidding, everyone please stop.