Man Submits His Astroturfed Window Boxes To Garden Show — And Their Response Is Amazing

The Royal Horticultural Society wasn’t even prepared for one man’s recent cost-effective gardening hack.

Rob Dicken recently decided to use astroturf on his window boxes and kept Twitter apprised of his DIY project.

What a cheap way to 1.) ensure that your window boxes can be used for holding drinks and 2.) to lazily avoid planting anything! Win-win!

Dickens then decided to be cheeky and submit his new idea to the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Garden Show.

Dicken urged the RHS to carefully consider including his “urban garden” idea at their show.

To their credit, the RHS responded with an equally delightful email, and told Rob that his name had been put down as an applicant for the 2019 Chelsea Garden Show.

The RHS also added that the hilarious window box idea “made our day.”

And if you thought that the RHS was just pulling Rob’s leg, think again. According to Mashable, the email from the prestigious garden society was genuine:

Mashable reached out to the RHS, who confirmed the emails were genuine. They say Rob will be contacted in July with details about how to make a formal application for 2019, and will be notified towards the end of the year regarding whether the application was successful.

It really goes to show: a little bit of ingenuity and laziness can certainly earn you some surprising attention.