This Thirsty Dude Went To Insane Lengths To Correct A Tinder Mistake

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps, the possibilities for modern hookups and courtship are seemingly infinite. Even if you drop one person like a hot potato, there’s the widely-held assumption that someone else will simply come along in a few swipes to take their place. While having such endless potential relationships at your fingertips can seem helpful, however, it can also turn us all into ungrateful pieces of sh*t.

One Missouri State student isn’t about to take his Tinder matches for granted, though.

Hayden Moll recently stumbled upon a cute girl named Claudia on Tinder, and made the dreadful (rookie) mistake of swiping left instead of right. Instead of shrugging off his misfortune, Hayden decided to do THE MOST by emailing every possible Claudia at Missouri State to find the girl from the Tinder profile.

Eventually, the Claudia in question was discovered — and was so shocked that she shared a screenshot of Hayden’s email to Twitter.

The email reads:

Hello all Claudia’s of Missouri State (I think.. I might have missed a some and if so help me out)

First off, my name is Hayden, and I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on a Claudia’s profile (left is bad) and I really wanted to swipe right. If Tinder provided last names this would be much easier but it doesn’t, so I have to describe the profile to you.

I swiped left on a girl with the name Claudia. The age next to her name was 20, but in her bio it said she was actually 18 and she didn’t know how to change it. The pictures she provided had some with her friends and her mom in them. In her bio she said some of her friends were single and if anyone liked them better that’s fine but they couldn’t have her mom. (had me dead btw)

So, like I said, I meant to swipe right but that didn’t happen. My Instagram is hayden.moll if you want to look me up. I’m just asking, if this is your profile that I described, please message me back with “right” or “left” just so I know if you’re interested or not. If you choose “right” we could totally get some donuts or something but if you choose “left” that’s cool too. No worries! If it’s none of you Claudia’s, and you know even more Claudia’s, spread the word please. It would be much appreciated!

Everyone enjoy your day!


It’s hard to be mad about someone putting this much effort into recovering even the most remote chance of a relationship. Like, this is probably the level of optimism and ambition we need in the world. (Also, am now curious as to what Claudia’s mom looks like, for the record.)

Some people on Twitter were a bit weirded out by Hayden’s overzealous “Claudia Call.”

However, other people found the whole thing to be lighthearted and funny.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how Hayden feels about being put on blast by the internet, don’t worry — he seems pretty chill about it.

No word on Claudia’s response, but I have a feeling that, even if she turns him down, Hayden’s gonna bounce back with enthusiasm.

Also, please figure out Tinder, Hayden. It’s not that hard.