Joe Jonas Trolls Himself After Spotting A Look-Alike Barbie Character—And We Can See It

Joe Jonas showed the entire web that he has a serious sense of humor when he decided to troll himself after finding a character on Barbie that looks identical to a character he played years ago on The Disney Channel. Now, if you’re a true Jonas Bros. fan, you know that some of their fame came from the TV movie, Camp Rock (alongside Demi Lovato, who is now a bombshell making waves  the industry). While Joe Jonas is happily wedding our beloved Sansa Stark, there was a time he wasn’t so cool (and not singing about Cake By The Ocean). He had that “scene” look that all of us on MySpace were trying to achieve by cutting our own hair with kitchen scissors. While Joe has definitely cleaned up his look (Thank God), it seems as though the animators at Barbie are into the whole “I’m listening to Taking Back Sunday in my bedroom and ripping my own jeans” look, because their latest hottie Ryan looks a bit similar to Joe circa Camp Rock. Don’t believe us? Even Joe himself pointed it out.

You have to admit, the resemblance is ridiculously on point. The hair, the jacket, the eyebrows. You  can’t miss this one. Fans on Twitter were actually LOLing over the fact that Joe himself pointed it out.