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This ‘Punny’ Egg Advertisement Is So Freaking Weird, It’s Making People Rip Their Hair Out

Marketing companies and ad agencies aren’t always in their element when it comes to creating promotional puns. If you need any further proof, just check out the bizarre Pringles holiday ad campaign, which somehow glossed over the best Chistmas-themed puns of all time.

Seriously, guys … what were you thinking?

And let’s not forget the time when some design professional forgot that Louisiana was shaped like an “L.”

If only Louisiana was shaped like a letter… from CrappyDesign

If those marketing concepts make you cringe, just wait: there’s a recent breakfast-themed advertising campaign that is somehow even more confusing and has been confounding Twitter users everywhere.

On Tuesday, Asher Perlman (a writer for Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) shared a photo of a baffling pun from a Lenwich breakfast advertisement.

Um … “Egg Morning”? Is that supposed to be some sort of play on “good morning”? Because if so, I (and everyone else) call “bullsh*t.”

Twitter was collectively amused and enraged by the lazy pun.