This Man’s Comment On A Video About Mother’s Day Crafts Is Literally WHAT

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s about that time where your email box is filled with promos for flowers, gifts, and chocolate for the leading lady in your life.

While companies are beginning to promote their sales and coupon codes, other sites are creating videos showing exactly how to make/create/find the perfect gift for your mom. While most Internet users find the gestures kind and endearing, apparently there are those in the world who think Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated–yes, you read that right.

Twitter user and BuzzFeed writer Rachel Zarrell shared a comment left by a man on a video about Mother’s Day crafts that will actually make you extremely angry.


Clearly, this man has been hurt by a woman–badly. So much so, that he needed to insult single mothers and women so badly, it made him look like an ignorant and pretentious donkey. Someone, please get this man some ice for whoever burned him so horribly that he feels the need to comment on Internet videos promoting nothing but love and happiness.

After sharing the comment on Twitter, people online are confused, outraged, and wondering the same thing we are–who hurt you, dude?