This Viral Story About A Teen Sneezing On A Crowded Train Is Drama At Its Finest

Riding the subway during rush hour is like knowingly stepping into a sardine can full of people who aren’t wearing deodorant and have zero qualms about breathing their morning breath on you, all the while jostling you with their oversized backpacks. It’s one of the many glamorous aspects of living in a metropolitan area.

That said, small acts of kindness can make the train commutes infinitely more tolerable. When someone offers you their seat, for example, or takes off their backpack in deference to the people around them, the world feels like a (momentarily) nicer place.

And, every so often, you have to opportunity to witness an act of true, human heroism.

Barrister Jamie Susskind was recently on his morning train in London when he witnessed an utterly surreal experience that he felt compelled to share with his Twitter timeline.

In the midst of his uncomfortable train commute, Jamie realized that a teenager standing in the crowded train was making a valiant attempt to suppress his urge to sneeze.

Jamie immediately felt panic about the packed train’s reaction to such an unwelcome burst of spittle and snot.

Jamie prepared himself for the impending germ explosion.