Lots Of People Just Fell For A Fake Trump Tweet About The Stock Market

If you have a finance bro or day trader in your orbit, they were probably inconsolable yesterday. After many months of steady but robust growth, the stock market finally took the tumble that money-type folks said was an inevitability—The Dow Jones average fell 1,175 points, the biggest single-day drop in history, which comes just a couple of weeks after reaching record highs.

However, some analysts say it was a less of a crash of 1929, and more of a  “correction” to get things to their true value, as opposed to hyper-inflated. (See also the recent boom and then bust of bitcoin.) At any rate, the Dow is back up again Tuesday, so, false alarm, or something?

Say what you will about Donald Trump, and there’s a lot we should, can, and will say, but the stock market has done very well since he took office—which reflects his pro-business, anti-everyone else policies. He’s so confident in his promises and abilities to grow the economy that back in 2005, he tweeted a suggestion of comically severe consequences for a president should the Dow ever fall by more than 1,000 points.

Uh-oh, the Dow fell by nearly 1,200 points and he’s the president! Prepare the S.S. Sun Cannon! Or, more realistically, let’s make sure thousands and thousands of people fire up their Twitter app to hilariously eviscerate Trump once more for an old, reckless, inane tweet that’s come back to haunt him.