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The Stock Market Tanked Today And Twitter Is Gleefully Telling Trump ‘Told Ya So’

Donald Trump has been happily taking credit for the rising stock market over the past few months, but it will be interesting to see how he spins the latest turn of events on Wall Street.

Mere hours after Jerome H. Powell was sworn in as the new chairman of the Federal Reserve on Monday, the stock market plunged with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing more than 1,500 points — the biggest single-day point drop to date.

The stock market began plunging at the exact moment the President was touting his economic success. Here’s Fox News actually interrupting Trump and Powell’s speech on the subject to report on the alarming and sudden plunge:

By market close on Monday, BuzzFeed News reports that stocks had partially recovered to a 1,100-point drop, or a 4.6% decline.

Because Trump’s been pointing to stock market gains as a proof his presidency is good for the economy, people started calling this incident the “Trump Dump.”