Kid Dressed As Sheep Steals Baby Jesus During Nativity Play—And We Enjoy The Plot Twist

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s time for everyone to get into the holiday spirit. Sometimes, we take things a little too far and go a bit over the top with our obsession with the holiday season. Like, one child who was present in a classic nativity play at his local church. In the YouTube video that has gone viral across the web from the First Baptist Church of White Pine, Tennessee, a surprise ending of the play left one child “stealing” Baby Jesus from his basket and breaking out in an epic dance.

Sometimes, when you go to plays like this, things can feel a bit redundant and boring. No offense to anyone who enjoys nativity plays, but it’s the same story told year after year and most of the kids don’t truly want to be up there on stage. Some parents dread having to go to watch their kids recreate the birth of Jesus, so when this little girl decided to spice things up, I’m sure everyone was pretty excited to see how funny and adorable it truly was. Except, of course, the girl who was playing Mary. She seemed not too pleased that the sheep was stealing her baby and instead, a bit of a battle over Baby Jesus broke out. Even better.

All in all, there’s nothing like a bit of child comedy to make your Christmas season that much better.