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17 Horrific Dating Stories That’ll Make You Say ‘Hey, My Life Isn’t So Bad’

Sure, going out on dates can be fun and exciting, potentially leading to new relationships (or even just decent sex) — unfortunately, the probability of having one of these “good” dates is rarely in your favor. You’re far more likely to wind up seated across from someone nice yet underwhelming, with whom you experience zero chemistry whatsoever.

But, hey: it could always be worse! You could be like one of these poor Redditors, all of whom have spectacularly cringe-worthy dating stories.

It’s enough to have you reconsidering whether staying single isn’t the more enjoyable option …

1. This girl forgot to mention some pretty important information.

“A friend set me up with a girl he knew. She was cute, funny, smart, everything you hope for in a blind first date. After spending a good part of the day with her, we end up at this frozen yogurt spot. We talk for a bit and she mentions how much fun she had today. Then she says how much her boyfriend would like this spot and that we should all hang out next week. Never asked that friend to set me up ever again.”

2. Important: telling someone you want to wear their skin is a major turnoff.

“It was a blind date, we met up at a coffee shop close to our university. He was very high, and it was hard to get a conversation going. He just kept telling me I was as beautiful as the brick wall we were sitting next to, and that my skin looked soft enough to be made into a nice robe. The date lasted maximum 15 minutes.”

3. This guy is really setting the bar for men comically low.

“He was more than three hours late, and was texting me telling me that he was 20 minutes away for two of those hours. As soon as he arrived he tried to tell me to leave the part of the venue/dive bar I’d already paid in to so we could go where he wanted, tried to start a fight with a friend I’d happened to run into, and called my aunt (who’d talked me into going out with him in the first place) a ‘cockblocking bitch.’ I just walked away from him after that last one, and we never spoke again.”

4. Poor Furby.

“I dabbled into some online dating a while back when I was single. This one guy refused to meet me inside the coffee shop. Stupid me decided ‘I’ll meet him outside anyways.’ We walked around the little mall for a bit chatting about our jobs and such and what he wanted to do after our little ‘date.’ He ends up driving me home and showed me this Furby that he claims he likes to punch when he’s mad and busts out the ‘so can I get in your pants or naw?'”

5. Welcome to: every woman’s menstrual nightmare.

“My first date when I was 15. Got my period but didn’t notice it since I was too excited. On our way out, every single person in cafe noticed it since my whole ass was, actually, covered in blood. Never called me after that.”