After A Blogger Issued A Challenge, Women Share The Results Of Asking Their Crushes Out

Valentine’s Day is on the way. Is there a holiday that inspires more anxiety? It’s supposed to be a fun and happy day, a way to celebrate love, romance, and companionship by doing something nice for the one you’re with, and also for spending time together. People in relationships freak out about getting the perfect gift or planning the perfect evening. People not in relationships freak out about not being in a relationship, and some do everything in their power to secure a date for The Big Night. It’s all very tough for everyone.

But a London-based sex/dating/relationships blogger named Oloni broke it down and reminded readers that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about how love is nice and fun and special. To that end, she issued a challenge to women who are as of now dateless on February 14: Muster up the courage, grab your phone, and just straight up ask out your crush for Valentine’s Day.

Those screen caps and stories have been flying in, and boy are they fun. Some are sweet and romantic, some are cringeworthy, but they’re all fascinating and entertaining. That’s the Valentine’s Day Challenge.