Eric Trump Gets Dragged By Twitter After Showing Off His ‘Jeopardy!’ Moment

While Donald Trump Jr. might be the most complicit and scandalous of Trump’s children, I think we can all agree that Eric is by far the easiest Trump spawn to mock mercilessly (a fact which has served SNL well for the past several seasons).

Whether it’s serving up ridiculous sound bites (like the time he said Democrats are “not even people”), to constantly looking like a little kid who dressed up for Take Your Son To Work Day, Eric is a pretty easy target for derision. And now, Eric has done it yet again, by cluelessly inviting Twitter to laugh about his probable complicity in the alleged Russia collusion.

On Wednesday, Eric’s name made an unexpected appearance on Jeopardy! and the first son took to Twitter to boast about it, saying that it is “always fun being a #jeopardy question.”

Wow, Eric. Are you seriously pitching this low-hanging fruit into the Twittersphere?  (Also, technically you were a Jeopardy! ANSWER, you dingus.)

Obviously, people were all too eager to respond with their own musings as to what the correct question might be.

Even the actual Jeopardy! contestant who answered the question correctly on the show replied to Eric’s tweet with a serious dose of smackdown.