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17 Party Games Anyone With A Filthy F**king Mind Will Love

1. Drunk Stoned Or Stupid


This game can get real. If you or your friends get offended easily, might want to pick another one. Get it on Amazon for $16.00

2. WTF Did You Say?!?


Promising Review, Assuming The Point Of Buying This Game Is That You’re A Terrible Person: “This is really overboard, I have a sick sense of humor but this actually was pretty bad.”

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

3. The Hot Seat

Not recommended for Catholic Priests and others who may have something to hide.

Get it on Amazon for $25.

4. Would You Rather…? Filthy Edition


Get it on Amazon for $14.99

5. What Do You Meme?

Pure bliss

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From the guys who run FuckJerry, this is basically Cards Against Humanity, but for memes.

Get it on Amazon for $30.00

6. That’s What She Said


Get it on Amazon for $24.99

7. Joking Hazard


If you love Cyanide & Happiness you may or may not also love this game.

Get it on Amazon for $25.00

8. Spank the Yeti: The Adult Party Game of Questionable Decisions


Get it on Amazon for $25.00

9. Quick And Dirty


Get it on Amazon for $22.00

10. F**k. The Game


Get it on Amazon for $19.95

11. Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition


Get it on Amazon for $19.99

12. Disturbed Friends – This game should be banned


Promising Review: Horrible, but in a good way.

Get it on Amazon for $25.00

13. Skewered and Roasted Card Game


Get it on Amazon for $17.99

14. God Hates Charades


Get it on Amazon for $24.99

15. Cards Against Humanity


The game that started them all.

Get it on Amazon for $25.00

16. Go Fish Yourself


Get it on Amazon for $10.00


17.  The Voting Game

One of the newer games on the market, but supposedly one of the better ones.

Promising, But TMI Review: “Very different. More likely to offend individual people you’re playing with. For example, I know now that my friends think I’m a slut.”

Get it on Amazon for $25.

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