Disneyland Guests Got Trapped On ‘Small World’ Ride For 30 Minutes—It Sounds Horrifying

There are few things in the world that really, truly can drive you insane when you think about it. But, if anything would drive me to complete and utter insanity, it would definitely be being trapped on a Disneyland ride with an annoying song playing on repeat over and over again. Apparently, on Wednesday, due to a transformer issue my ultimate nightmare became a reality for some who were left stranded on Disneyland’s California’s “Small World” ride for 30 minutes–with the song playing over and over. Of all the Disneyland songs, this has to be the worst.

Reports indicated that a transformer issue brought a small area of the theme park to a “standstill” While the ride wasn’t moving, the music did not stop playing. Imagine you’re stuck on a ride with your kids and can’t get up or move–but the world’s most obnoxious  song will not stop playing? I’d rather here my kids complain about being stuck than listen to that song on repeat for 30 minutes.


A spokesperson for Disneyland issued their sincerest apologies for the guest who were stuck on the ride and probably haunted by that song for years to come. Twitter, however, felt horrible for those poor, innocent souls.