Women Are Sharing The Horrifying Things That Happen When They Reject A Guy And It’s Actually Insane

Everyone has been rejected by someone they’ve gone after at least once or twice in their lives.
While being rejected totally blows, the right thing to do is pick yourself up and move on–no matter what happened. It’s okay to feel hurt and upset over someone turning you down, but it’s not okay to threaten them, stalk them, or do anything else to them once they’ve made it clear they are uninterested in you. For some reason, many guys out there can’t seem to grasp this concept.

Recently, Twitter user @_ElizabethMay asked women online to share frightening experiences they’ve gone through when they’ve rebuffed, rejected, or ignored a man’s advances.

And, some of the situations women shared online were just not okay.

One guy cornered this girl in public.

Other women were stalked and harassed…