Mom Sends Autistic Son To School With Recorder In Backpack, Finds Teachers Mocking And Teasing Him

Having a child with special needs can be a struggle for some parents. When you send your son or daughter to school, you expect teachers and staff to be professional and respectful–especially if your child has special needs.

One mother is dealing with the shocking discovery that her son’s teachers have been nothing but horrid human beings towards her son, who has Autism. Milissa Davis has a 12-year-old son, Camden, who had been attending a specialized school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The school, “Hope Academy,” has been told to promote inclusion and special help for those children who need it.


Thinking that this school would be a perfect fit for her son who is severely autistic, Milissa had high hopes. However, according to the mother, her son came home from school frequently showing signs of “distress.” Seeing as Camden had a hard time communicating his feelings, Milissa decided to place a recording device in her son’s bag to see what was going on throughout the day in school. As it turns out, her son was being severely bullied in school–by his own teachers.

According to WBRZ Channel 2, the Camden’s teacher and teacher’s aid were both mocking the boy in class throughout the day. In the recordings, you can hear the teachers getting aggressive with Camden and mocking him when making noises–something no teacher should ever do.

WBRZ Channel 2
WBRZ Channel 2
WBRZ Channel 2

Camden’s mother was furious and upset over the discovery and took the recordings to the school board.

“I just wanted to cry, scream and do everything I could because it was so bad. To think that I had sent my son there every day, and what had happened before, that I didn’t know about.”

According to Davis’ attorney, Milissa had gone to the principal of the school frequently to discuss Camden’s classroom situation–as her son was separated from the rest of the class. The principal ignored Milissa’s requests to speak. It wasn’t until she got actual evidence of the abuse from the teachers that action was taken. Since the recording was found, the teacher and the teacher’s aid were both fired. Camden, however, no longer attends Hope Academy.

Second teacher fired after school staff caught mocking autistic child in audio recording

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Posted by WBRZ Channel 2 on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Many people on Facebook reached out sharing their outrage towards these so-called “educators” and their horrific behavior.

h/t WBRZ Channel 2.