A Woman Received Creepy Texts From A Random Delivery Guy, And Twitter Is Livid

The story prompted other women to share their own experiences in customer harassment.

It soon became apparent that this issue is all-too-real for women everywhere, and that Michelle’s experience was, unfortunately, somewhat de rigueur.

Heartened by the public response she’d received for her initial tweet, Michelle crafted a press release about the experience in an attempt to alert people to the fact that this sort of behavior is not only inappropriate but is also a violation of “privacy and data protection laws.”

Apparently, Just Eat changed their tune considerably after Michelle publicly took them to task, and eventually agreed to shoulder the responsibility for the situation.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office even released a statement about how the delivery man’s behavior could indeed be construed as a violation of the Data Protection Act.

While Just Eat will hopefully be more diligent about holding restaurants accountable for unprofessional (read: creepy) employee behavior, there’s only so much the company as a whole can do.

So, for all the men out there: please remember to periodically ask yourself if, perhaps, your behavior can be construed as creepy. And if so, then please stop doing that thing.

Also: if women are hungry, we are unlikely to have the necessary patience for dealing with your bullshit. Tread lightly.

That’s really the best advice I can offer at this point.