The Judgmental Vegetarians Came For Chrissy Teigen, And She Wasn’t Having Any Of It

There’s an old joke about how you never have to guess as to whether or not someone is a vegetarian — because they will absolutely tell you.

Well, Twitter reigning queen and cookbook goddess, Chrissy Teigen, recently discovered just how true that adage is.

It all started when Chrissy commented on a status about perfectly-cooked bacon.

Instead of people professing their own bacon opinions (which is a conversation I could really lean in to), followers began inundating Chrissy with comments about how disgusting she was for eating bacon.

People claimed that they “lost respect” for Chrissy due to her unapologetic meat-eating ways.

Obviously, Chrissy was not having any of this self-righteous bullsh*t.

But, the vegetarians and vegans were relentless.

Eventually, Chrissy had to straight-up let her vegetarian and vegan followers know that their entitlement and holier-than-thou vibes were extremely off-putting for anyone who was considering changing their eating habits.

And also … did everyone just conveniently forget that Chrissy talks about eating meat on a regular basis and even published a cookbook full of recipes which incorporate meat??

Yeah, everyone just needs to take a step back and revisit this (iconic) Instagram post — because Chrissy has never pretended to be anything other than herself. If y’all are just now figuring that out, it’s on you.

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While it’s perfectly valid to be vegetarian or vegan, it’s certainly not valid to use your dietary habits as justification for bullying other people.

If you’re so concerned about animal welfare, get off that high horse.